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My view on training. If you ask me what training program is the best I’d say THE BEST TRAINING PROGRAM IS THE ONE THAT YOU HAVEN’T DONE. No matter how advanced, funky, scientific or hardcore your program is there would be a time when it will stop producing results to your physique as it once was. Why? Simply because your body is a complex mechanism that can adapt to pretty much any stress over a period of time. Why this happens? Because of the simple fact of survival. Your body has to adapt to those changes in order to keep functioning as normal as possible. So stop looking for that magic program that will change your physique overnight. Instead, concentrate on bringing variety to your existing program. You can follow one training program indefinitely with good results as long as you put variety to it on a regular base. That is any change in form of sets, reps, resting period time, weight lifted, order of exercises, etc. Happy training Sasho

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