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When you are at the gym lifting big weights you feel invincible. However, when an injury occurs all of a sudden you feel as vulnerable as a 5 year old kid. If anything positive has come from the injuries I have had in the gym over the years (mostly the spinal lumber region) is that I have learned how to improve the muscle to mind connection while training. These injuries have forced me to train with lighter weights for certain period of time. In order to activate the training muscles as much as possible when you are forced to train them with lighter weights (or on certain machines) you have to connect with them mentally by slowing the reps down and feel every inch of the movement by deliberate contraction of the muscles. This is more important for improving your physique than just lifting the weight from A to B without much thought to it. Embrace every obstacle along your fitness journey as a learning experience and become even better athlete as a result. Train hard


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