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I can best describe the sport of bodybuilding in three words. PATIENCE, PASSION and PERSISTENCE. (The three Ps)

The word PATIENCE especially defines the Natural bodybuilding.

Today marks 20 years since I first joined a gym and got involved in the Iron game.

In 20 years of continuous training I have gained around 20kg of muscle. That may not seem a lot for 20 years. On average 1kg of muscle per year. Most of those gains though were in the first 5 years of training.

So what kept me motivated to keep pushing the weights to new levels for the next 15 years when results were slow and not quiet as obvious? It's the same reason that still drives me to push the weights on a daily bases. I do it because I enjoy training and everything that comes with it. Discipline, Health, Confidence, Determination, PERSISTENCE, PASSION and PATIENCE.

Bodybuilding does more than just transform ones physique. It builds character and changes lives.


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