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When it comes to training and results people often think that more is better. The more hours you spend in the gym, the better the results. Some see the lack of their results as a sign of not spending enough time in the gym. Soon they try to go for longer sessions or more frequent sessions which can eventually lead to over-training or a lack of interest in training all together.

When it comes to results, I believe that the CONSISTENCY of your training over time is the key. It has been proven that even two workouts of 45 minutes per week will show significant improvement on your strength and fitness over a period of time.

45 minutes contributes to approximately 3% of your 24 hour daily schedule. That means, that you would only need to spend 3% twice a week of your time to improve your health and fitness.

In conclusion, I would say that a focus on the CONSISTENCY and not the number of your workouts is the key for results. Try not to miss a workout unless necessary as your whole bodybuilding program is based on regular habits.

Choosing your physical and mental health as your NUMBER 1 PRIORITY is the best investment you'll ever make!

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