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Rest, when compared to training or nutrition is often the most ignored part by many people that train despite being so important.

You go to the gym, you lift weights, you get that awesome pump in the muscles, you follow all of that with a protein shake or a nutritious meal and you think the job is done for the muscles to grow.

In fact, the muscle growth hasn't even started at that point. All you have done until that point is broken down the muscles.

The muscle building process starts when you are asleep.

A good night sleep is crucial not only for muscle building (hypertrophy) but also for fat loss too. Did you know that you burn more calories while you are asleep then when you sit and watch TV? This is due to the major fat burning and muscle building hormones such us Growth Hormone and Testosterone working at its best while you are asleep.

Although l could go on in great length about the benefits of a good night sleep, l have instead put a short list together about some of the advantages:

- Sleep reduces inflammation (often caused by overtraining or poor diet)

- Sleep reduces stress (mental and physical)

- Sleep Improves your memory

- Sleep helps your body to repair itself (as mentioned above)

- Sleep promotes muscle building

- Sleep assists in weight loss

Too often people mistake being tired for being hungry. They blame the missed meal for the lack of energy in the gym. The body has plenty of stored energy in the form of glucose and fat and is well efficient at using them in need. However, the body is not designed to store extra sleep for when we need it. The sleep must be acquired on a daily basis in order for the body to function properly.

So next time you want to see more results in your muscle building or weight loss goals maybe you should pay closer attention to your sleep.

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