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Work directly with Sasho, World Natural Bodybuilding Professional.

Real clients     Real results     100% Supernatural

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Meet your Supernatural Coaches

The coaching team is led by World Natural Professional (Musclemania) Bodybuilder, Sasho Ognenovski and wife Paula, figure champion.

Known in the industry for bringing quality competitors, we work in unison to provide our athletes with a tailored plan to ensure they bring their absolute best package to stage.

We have over 20 years of experience in contest prep and body transformations.  We boast a very successful Overall Champions record and are known to bring top quality competitors in amazing condition.


We love all aspects of competing and offer our services on a personal level.  We are about ensuring that each athlete is given personalised attention, treated as an individual and ultimately become family!

Select your coaching package above and let us help you achieve your best body!

Why choose Sasho's Supernaturals?

  • We have developed a team synonymous with quality.

  • We are revered in the Australian Natural bodybuilding industry for representing ourselves year after year with top athletes.

  • We take committed individuals and bring their best shape to stage season after season.

  • We are more than a team. We are family.  It feels SUPER to be a part of our team!

COACH OF COACHES Sasho Ognenovski

I have been a bodybuilding coach for over a decade. Besides my experience helping athletes, I have also mentored other coaches.

This means I have been thrown questions, scenarios and 'please help my athlete' lifelines for as long as I have been coaching.

I have the solutions to questions that other coaches struggle with and as such I am one of the “go to” guys for pre-contest preparation.

My knowledge and ability speaks for itself. Please feel free to check out my success stories and testimonials where you will see for yourself what my capabilities are.

If I can help other coaches, I can definitely help you get to your best.


We have developed a coaching method that ensures that every athlete who works alongside us develops their physique to an unparalleled condition.

Regardless of your level, our coaches  work together to structure the best plan going forward so you are ready and confident for the stage.

All of our programs are customised and are based purely on the goals we need to achieve.

We are always at Leisuredome Gym, so if you happen to train there too you will get extra assistance.


We have a fast turnover of diets/programs because this is all that we do. This is our specialty and we have a full time commitment to it.

We are capable of answering any and all comp prep related questions and we will reply to your inquiries without delay.

We have a tight knit coaching and bodybuilding community who understands what you are going through so we can help you.

We don't work with loads of athletes. Just with the committed ones which is why we can afford to help you on a more deeper level than big numbered teams.

We think it's a positive that we don't have big numbers because those who we do bring truly stand out!

We take the time to get to know each and every one of our clients before developing our customized fitness plans. We are not cookie cutter, and that is why we have strong looking athletes on stage with a side of SHRED.


Most importantly is that you work directly with us, and no other intermediaries. We personally review your goals prior to putting together a program and down the track you will definitely continue communicating with us. Any/all adjustments are reviewed by us personally.

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