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Sasho Ognenovski


Client Testimonials


Anesti Papas (Masters Over 40 years 2nd place)


"Sasho Ognenovski is not only one of the World’s best natural bodybuilders, and apart from being a walking human anatomy chart, he truly knows how to help you get results. I have photos to prove it!”

Michael Zang (Teenage bodybuilding 3rd place)


"Sasho Ognenovski is an expert in the fitness industry. His dacades of training and nutrition experience have helped many people, me including, to acheive their goals and maximise thier physical potential. I would highly recommend anyone to hire him as mentor."

Mario De Vega (Overall bodybuilding champion)


"Sasho is not only a personal trainer, but a mentor and friend. Sasho has helped me achieve my goals and further. Using his abundance of knowledge and experience, I can confidently say if you have a goal and the desire to achieve it, Sasho can show you how to get there. No matter what level you are at, or goal you want to achieve I highly recommend Sasho."

 Michael Kountourogianis (45y, Fitness America 3rd place)


"If you want to transform yourself, I highly recommend Sasho. He has the ability and knowledge, through years of experience as a competitor to get you to your optimum conditioning. Whether you just want to loose weight, or take up the challenge and compete in bodybuilding or fitness model, he is the can do man!"

Peter Bristow (Fitness Model champion)


"Sasho is a ‘specialist’ in his field, he has competed at the highest level and continues to compete, he will give you a no nonsense training and nutrition plan that is second to none.

I am a Personal trainer with 15 years experience and a long list of my own success stories, but when it comes to competitive Fitness Modeling or Body Building I liken it to seeing a ‘Specialist’ as opposed to a ‘GP’ when you need expert advice for an injury or sickness. I have since sent many of my own clients who are looking for that extra 5% edge to their nutrition all have gained muscle and strength.

I cannot recommend Sasho highly enough. If you do what he says, you will look amazing. I was the strongest and leanest I have ever been in my life under his training and nutrition plans."

Nick Mele (Junior bodybuilding 3rd place)


"I was looking to compete in my first ever bodybuilding competition when I was referred to Sasho to be coached.

I couldn't have asked for anyone better. Through the three months of preparation in leading up to the competition, Sasho was always there to offer his exquisite knowledge as mentor, but also to offer a helping hand as a friend."

Miki Neckoski (Fitness Model champion)


"After years of training I considered myself to be quite average. It wasn't until Sasho became my contest preparation coach that I was able to go beyond average and win my first national fitness competition. I am sure that with his help I will keep winning not only nationally but also internationally. I am honoured to be trained by Sasho and I am grateful to him for his honesty, trust and expertise."


John De Vega (Under 70kg bodybuilding champion)


"It was a privelage to have Sasho Ognenovski prepare me for my first bodybuilding competition. Knowing I had Australia's premier natural bodybuilder watching over my prep eased my mind that I was doing it the right way.

Sasho's knowledge on nutrition, training and competition is second to none and i highly recommend him to anyone looking to step up on stage or reach any fitness goals."

Andrew Grey (Overall bodybuilding Champion)


"I recently competed in my first set of bodybuilding competitions under the guidance of Sasho. Every aspect of my preparation was specifically targeted towards me and constantly refined based on regular observations and testing. Sasho was always there for pshychological support and to answer any questions or quieries throughout the preparation. Sasho's extensive knowledge and his willingness to help you bring your best physique on stage makes him the best bodybuilding coach to hire."

Matt Towe (Junior bodybuilding 2nd place)


"When it comes to competitive bodybuilding, nutrition and training, there is no better in the business then Sasho Ognenovski. His knowledge is extensive and his passion for the sport is unquestionable. As well as being the best coach around, he is an all around great man. He will be able to push you beyond your limits to achieve your absolute best self.

I cannot recommend Sasho highly enough."

Luke Triani (Under 80kg bodybuilding champion)


"I always wanted to lean out and compete. I always enjoyed a challenge. With Sasho's help in nutrition and training it was possible, and with his help I did better then I ever thought I could.

Having Sasho monitor me through my entire comp preparation was a paramount factor that I would have faulted many times without.

He is an awesome coach and friend. He will always be a phone call away when he is needed."

Tim Goodier (Novice bodybuilding champion)


"Whether you are looking to step up onstage or challenge yourself and transform into the body you always hoped for, Sasho can take you there. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience to guide you through your journey naturally, keeping you disciplined and accountable the whole way through as he did with me. His commitment to me as a coach, mentor and friend is the reason I was able to reach my goals in such a short period of time.

I would highly recommend him to anyone."

Matthew Son (Novice bodybuilding 2nd place)


"Sasho is second to none in the fitness industry and I could not have wished for a better coach as I embarked on my first ever bodybuilding competition.


In order to transform my body into the best condition possible I knew I had to be surrounded by a group of passionate and knowledgeable people and Sasho and his team at Leisuredome gym delivered far beyond expectation.


What I was able to achieve would not have been possible without the focus and direction of Sasho and his personalised approach to my nutrition and training regime. There are no shortcuts when it comes to natural body transformation but hard work, passion and dedication. Sasho is a true testament to this as he pushed and guided me through my journey to get in the best shape of my life. Thank you Sasho for showing me that anything is possible if you put your mind and body into it 100%."

David Cicovic (Teenage bodybuilding champion)


"After hearing about the amazing coaching Sasho provided to other competitors, I decided to go under his guidance and was honestly the best decision I have made.


His extensive knowledge in contest preparation and passion for the sport made me come into my best shape in my life.


I am truly grateful to have him as a coach and would highly recommend him to anyone."

Mohammed Bazzi (Under 90kg bodybuilding)


"After training on my own for many years I decided it was time to finally enter a bodybuilding competition. I got in contact with Sasho who became my prep coach and mentor. Sasho was able to help me challenge myself in achieving my goal to compete at a level that I did not think was possible. Not only did we achieve the results I wanted but with his help and guidance I learned to become wiser in the fitness industry and more disciplined in the challenges I face.


This journey with Sasho helped me get to where I want to be and it taught me lessons that I can apply to my everyday life. I am grateful for the advice Sasho provided in order for me  to achieve my goals and to see the potential my body has. His knowledge, constant support and belief in me to achieve what I didn't think was possible was without a doubt the best thing that has happened to me in all my years of training. He commited constant time and effort as a mentor to ensure my goals were achieved.


I would reccomend Sasho to anyone who would like to accomplish any goals, as he will go to great lengths to help you achieve it."

Neil Jones (Over 90kg bodybuilding champion)


"For the three years I have wanted to compete and it was only when I met Sasho two years ago that I knew that thought could become a reality.


Sasho provided me with the skill set that separates you from the rest of the field, from his knowledge in bodybuilding to more specifically your own nutrition requirements along with giving me the confidence to be able to get onstage.


Sasho unquestionably brings himself to your own individual preparation and journey whilst providing a great training environment. Thank you."

Stratos Moutafis (Grandmasters bodybuilding 4th place)


"Sasho's help was invaluable throughout my 20 weeks preparation for my competition. I feel privileged that Sasho took the time and put in the effort to prepare a 53 year old man to go back on stage after 23 years.


Apart from being the best natural bodybuilder in the country and a great ambassador for the sport, he is also a great guy all round. Focused, patient and a great motivator this man lives and breathes this sport.


If you want the best possible results, you need the best coach. That man is Sasho."

Alex Baletic (Fitness Model 2nd place)


"Sasho became my coach, mentor and a friend. The consistent support that I got throughout my competition preparation through updating my program and diet according to the progress is a wealth of knowledge that I will always remember. This has truly upgraded me as a person. Also, this has given me the motivation and confidence to compete in many more.


Definitely I recommend a comp prep through Sasho. A true experience."

Meng Xu (Novice bodybuilding 3rd place)


"After a couple of years training by myself, I decided that I should take the next step and give competition a go.

Sasho was always my idol since I was a teenager living in China and his physique has inspired me for many years. When I came to Australia I felt so lucky to meet Sasho and be mentored and coached by him for my first competition. The training and nutrition program he tailored for me was in every detail based on my body type and my goal. Sasho made consistent changes to my training and nutrition plan to make sure I was on the right track. He took care of every part of my comp prep.


His over 20 years bodybuilding experience and nutrition knowledge is second to none, and his friendly personality made me really enjoy being coached by him.


With Sasho's coaching I came third in my first bodybuilding comp and achieved my best shape ever.


Sasho is not only one of the all time best natural bodybuilders in Australia but also he is the greatest comp prep coach. If any of you are willing to compete like me, Sasho is definitely the person to seek."

Dylan Sousa (Junior bodybuilding 2nd place)


"I met Sasho through a friend who got prepared for a competition by him. Under Sasho's guidance I saw my friend transform his physique for his competition.

Going up on stage was something I always wanted to do. So, when I finally set goal to compete I decided to hire the man with a lot of experience in the industry and with many titles to back him up.

Although the 16 weeks of comp prep felt like a long and difficult at times, the overall experience of getting up on that stage, looking the absolute best that I have ever looked was all worth it at the end.

I wouldn't have anyone else contest prep me other than Sasho."

Robbie Robles (Under 70kg bodybuilding 2nd place)


"When I finally decided to undergo my first bodybuilding competition I knew exactly who I wanted to coach me for the contest.

I witnessed Sasho's team succeed year after year with amazing transformations.


Sasho is a genius in the craft of bodybuilding with skills that can only be learnt through decades of knowledge and experience displayed in his own accolades and his athletes. On top of this, Sasho provides a family environment which is a necessity during the rigors of a contest prep. Under his tutelage, I displayed a physique beyond my expectations, and walked out with invaluable knowledge about myself and my body."


Josh Fletcher (Fitness modeling)


"Sash is definitely a stand out in the industry as not only one of the greatest natural competitors but as a coach as well.


Training with Sash is one of the best decisions i ever made in my life. The program is easy to follow and works perfectly. Any questions or concerns I had were dealt with almost instantly and made the whole process much easier.


I can honestly say I would not have made it without Sasho's guidance, so I cannot recommend him enough!"

Clement Lee (Under 65kg bodybuilding 2nd place)


"In my first year of weight training on my own I put on 5kg. However, under Sasho's guidance I put on over twice as much quality weight in less than a year.


After couple of years under Sasho's guidance I fulfilled one of my short-term dreams, which was to compete and place at a bodybuilding contest. I achieved two 2nd places finishes, all thanks to Sasho's expert knowledge and experience.


During the time I have known Sasho I have seen him prepare dozens of competitors, with amazing results year in year out.


Sasho is a great friend and mentor and he continues to help myself and others to achieve their fitness/budybuilding goals and dreams. I cannot recommend him enough!"

Jimmy Guterres (Under 65kg bodybuilding 2nd place)


"Having always wanted to compete, I made the decision to join Leisuredome gym. Under the guidance of Sasho Ognenovski I was able to transform my physique and also have the opportunity to present that transformation up on stage. I walked away with 3 top 3 placings in first season as a bodybuilder and have not looked back.


Anyone looking to tranform their physique and looking to take it to the next level, Sasho is the go to man!"

Brendan Froude (Under 70kg bodybuilding champion)


"I have wanted to compete in a bodybuilding competition for many years now. Last year, I finally made a life-changing decision, to get up on the stage to compete. Even though it was difficult, with determination and perservarance, it became the most rewarding and amazing experience I have ever encountered.


I couldn't have done it without Sasho as my coach, mentor and friend. He made my journey through prep to the competition possible and I wouldn't have been able to acheive my gold and silver medal without his help, guidance and motivation. I started out saying I was doing just one competition but the whole experience has inspired me to continue. I travel a long way to work with Sasho but I wouldn't have it any other way. Thank you."

Tom Brown (Physique 3rd place)


"Although I was only with Sasho for 6 weeks I think you can tell from the before and after that his influence was enorous!


I was extremely happy with the way he tailored my program to fit around my schedule, not demanding anything unrealistic and still delivering an awesome end result.


I would highly recommend Sasho to anyone planning to compete or simply wanting to improve their physique. He is always calm and puts great thought into everything he says. It is important to have a presence like that especially whilst under the pressures of preparation diet. Thanks Sash."

Jermaine Leach (Junior bodybuilding 2nd place)


"I came to Sasho to prepare me for my second bodybuilding competition. His guidance and no nonsense attitude towards my prep was amazing. I have learned so much in just my first year with Sash! Can't wait to see what the future brings. Not only did he guide me through my diet and training plan but was taken back to how much passion he has for the sport. Helping me on competition day was also super helpful.


If you are looking to enter your first bodybuilding competition, or just to look the best you have ever been then definitely hire Sasho!"

Gabriel Lattouf (Over 90kg bodybuilding 3rd place)


"When I decided I wanted to do a bodybuilding competition and was looking for the right person to prepare me, I heard about Sasho and his achievements, so I looked no further. He helped me stay on track by checking up on my progress and kept modifying my diet and training along the way to get my body looking the best it ever has and be ready to step onstage. He was encouraging when I doubted myself and was always willing to answer questions."

Manuel Olmedo (Masters bodybuilding champion)


"I have known Sasho for over 11 years and his achievements as a life time natural athlete is a testimony to his passion, dedication and commitment to the sport of natural bodybuilding.


Sasho's coaching and guidance has instilled in me a training and lifestyle approach which has empowered me to be successful in natural physique competitions.


His knowledge and wisdom in regards to training and nutrition has earned him the title as modern day ''iron guru." Sasho is the trainer of champions, his expertise and guidance will ensure that you become the best version of yourself."

Grant Muller


"I have been a client of Sasho for 12 months. During this time I have lost 36kg and have never felt better. I have strictly followed his instructions and reached my goal of 8% body fat.

Not only now I am a lot fitter, I am mentally and physically more motivated and it has changed my life. Due to his advanced methods and support throughout the year, I have achieved my goal.

I would like to sincerely thank him for his guidance and support and would highly recommend him to anyone."


Paul Nouris

"Sasho was recommended to me by a friend who was prepared for a competition by him. I had been exercising alone at home for one year and saw my results beginning to plateau. I knew Sasho was a World Champion bodybuilder and had a reputation for transforming physiques and creating champions.


I have been training one on one with Sasho now for 10 months and the transformation results that we achieved have been well above what I had originally envisioned. I lost 10% body fat and gained 7 kg of muscle.


From the beginning, Sasho set realistic natural bodybuilding targets for me for muscle gain and fat loss, pushing me to work at 110% each session, adjusting my meal plans regularly to maximise results, and monitoring me regularly. He has an extensive breadth of knowledge regarding anatomy, nutrition and exercise and he shares a passion to help achieve your goals. In addition, he is a down to earth good guy, trustworthy and punctual. The fact that he was world body building champion speaks for itself. He is a person I feel privileged to have met, worked and trained under.


I would wholeheartedly recommend Sasho to anyone who wants expert guidance and maximum results at any stage of their fitness and bodybuilding journey."


Sikder Mahmud (Under 70kg bodybuilding 3rd place)


'Sasho is not only my coach, but also good friend and mentor. I started working with Sasho four years ago. At that time, I had practically zero knowledge on bodybuilding or fitness in general. My only goal was to lose some body fat and build a habit of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Fast forward to 2019, where l stepped on stage for my first bodybuilding competition.


I consider myself fortunate to learn from and train with one of the most acclaimed lifetime natural bodybuilders in Australia. To say that he was a great coach during my competition preparation will belittle what I actually received from him in last four years. Not only I received a solid foundation on the technicalities related to this sport, he helped me develop a genuine passion for Bodybuilding.


Anyone who is willing to take matters into hands but need a professional guidance, Sasho is the man to see."


Nathan Kostadinovski (Teenage bodybuilding champion)


"I decided to take on the task as a teenager to step on stage and compete.


I hired Sasho to be in control of the whole prep for my first ever show. I had a goal in mind with how I wanted to appear and what I was hoping to achieve. Mentally I kept telling myself that I am just not good enough but Sasho was always there telling me to stay focused as he could see my body and the final result how I couldn't.


For the whole 12 weeks I followed exactly what Sasho said with constant training, diet and posing classes. My goal was to win the Teenage division and if it wasn't for Sasho my goal would't have been exceeded. He mentored me to be able to win not only the Teenage but also the Junior (Under 22 years) division. He helped me acheive a physique that surpassed my vision with the timeframe and starting base I had.


Sasho gave me a great first experience into the sport of bodybuilding that I am proud to continue alongside with him."


Sean Bullard


"Everyone who has seen my transhormation has been blown away. You absolutelly nailed the macros at each meal, the right workouts and cardio. Precision!!!


A lot of people have asked me how I lost so much fat and managed to build muscle in only 30 days??? Precision!!!


Thank you Sasho!"


Ajay Sharma (Junior bodybuilding champion)


"My journey with Sasho began when I was 15 weeks out from my first natural bodybuilding competition. I had approached Sasho following a 3 year weight loss journey, and had hoped to seek Sasho’s guidance and honest critique of my physique to decide whether I was ready to chase my goal of stepping on a bodybuilding stage for the first time!


Sasho believed in me from the very start and took me under his wing to guide me with his master expertise in all aspects of diet, training and competition preparation. Not only had Sasho helped me attain a physique which I am immensely proud of, he had supported me as a mentor and friend during this intense 4 month period!


I cannot recommend anyone other than Sasho if you are looking to seek the absolute BEST coach in the sport of Natural Bodybuilding and bring out the best version of yourself!"


Paul Pulic


"After many years away from the sport of bodybuilding and weight training, I reached out to Sasho to help me compete in a 4 week weight loss challenge. He replied straight away and we got to work. The results were epic. I won the competition with a total 22kg weight drop. More than that, my overall health was far better, the Achilles tendonitis I suffered for years went away, I slept better and overall had more energy and uplifted mood. All this was made possible by Sasho's ability to tailor a program for my needs. Thanks for all the help!"


Lucas Grey (Overall bodybuilding champion)


"I decided to compete in my first bodybuilding competition under the guidance of Sasho and to say that I’m just satisfied would be a massive understatement. Through regular observations and constant tweaking of nutrition he made sure that I was stage ready and transformed my body like I had never seen it before.


Bodybuilding is his life’s work and it shows through the way his training/nutrition programs are really tailored and custom made for YOU. Don’t just take my word for it, the progress photos speak for themselves."


Ethan Wikeepa (Teenage bodybuilding champion)


"Sasho turned my dreams into reality. I was contemplating doing my first bodybuilding show for a while and I couldn’t of asked for a more supportive and professional coach. Working with Sasho made a prep that seemed hard very easy, and with the expertise and experience Sasho has I knew I was in safe hands.


l highly recommend Sasho if your considering doing a show or just looking to get in shape Sasho will get you there without a doubt.

He put me in the best shape of my life and he can do the same for you!"


Saul Moran (Fitness champion)


"Working with Sasho has been the element in my regime to take things to the next level. His meticulous attention to detail is second to none. The numbers, science and consistency is what you need if you are serious about achieving your greater potential.


Whether it’s bulking, shredding or competing, the rigorous account keeping and diet accountability ensures you hit the mark. He is tough. Tough and fair, the way you always want to turn up to your check ins and not let the team down.


The attention to calories has taught me how to stay leaner and accountable, without starving.


Thanks Sasho, I am looking forward to a big year of building ahead and hitting the stage again in the near future."


Adam Suleiman 


"Sasho and his knowledge in the world of fitness has been such important influence in my life. I can’t thank him enough for all the effort he has put into helping me to go on stage and compete. I am forever thankful Sasho helped me get my bucket list achieved and that was to compete in my first ever physique competition. If it wasn’t for Sasho I would have never achieved my life's goal.


Thank you Sasho for everything you have done. I am looking forward to having you coach me in my next competitions."


James Smith (Under 80kg bodybuilding champion)


"I highly recommend Sasho for anyone thinking about competing for their first time. He will give you an easy to follow step by step plan from day one to your stage debut. He has a fantastic old school gym that I really enjoyed training at and there is a great culture and support network for competitors within the Leisure Dome Gym too. Thank you for your guidance Sash!"


Anthony Isaac (Junior bodybuilding champion)


"My journey with Sasho started in April 2021 when I approached him with a sudden interest to compete in natural bodybuilding.

I heard a lot of great things about him from mutual friends and thought if I wanted to do change my mindset and physique, I need to find the best coach in the business.


Sasho’s attention to detail is unmatched. He instills a high level work ethic towards his athletes and assists them to strive for excellence. Some may think it’s tough but he will tell you that if your disciplined and serious about your goals, you will achieve them. This led me to believe in myself and through his guidance I competed in two junior bodybuilding shows, placing 1st in ANB and 2nd in the ICN competition.


I highly recommend Sasho if you’re committed about natural bodybuilding as not only is he a fantastic coach, but a friend and mentor."

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