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When it comes to working out you want to make sure that you have everything right in order to get the best out of your workout. Often one of the most overlooked item is the type of footwear one wears while working out.

By wearing the right type of footwear for the activity you are doing, you will not only improve your performance but you will also reduce the risk of injury.

When it comes to lifting weights l would recommend wearing shoes that go over the ankle and have a flat thin sole at the bottom. The high top shoe will support and stabilise the ankle from rolling inwards or outwards, thus protecting the tendons and the ligaments. The thin flat sole on the shoe will support the foot and will aid with better grip to the ground. This factor is specifically important when performing squats, dead lifts, barbell rows and other free weight exercises. Some good weight lifting shoes are: Adidas Neo, Ryderwear, Convers and Otomix.

When it comes to walking, jogging or running you would need to wear running shoes with a thicker, softer and spongy sole. When running or jogging you constantly put impact on your joints such us the ankles and the knees. The thicker spongy sole on your shoes will absorb most of the impact thus protecting the joints and ligaments from damage. Some good running shoes are: Adidas Swift Run, Asics Gel, Nike Free Run and others.

When working out don't wear your shoes for fashion. Wear them for a purpose.

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