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How will you know where you are going if there is no plan in place? Firstly it’s ideal to jot down a few goals as well as an action plan to get you there.

If you are following a sound plan (both in the gym and nutrition-wise) and really working hard towards your goals you will no doubt get to goal eventually.

Though in the meantime how do you know for sure that the steps you are taking are actually working? What can you do to track progress and how important is it really?

Personally speaking I track my progress regularly to keep myself motivated as well as to stay on track. I use a variety of methods, and believe it or not the one I least take into account is the scale.

Even if it is a popular method of monitoring progress in the gym, the scale can be misleading.

Why don’t I rely solely on the scale? Because frankly, it doesn’t tell the whole picture and the scale doesn’t know what has been measured. It can be an inaccurate indication of progress if you are dropping fat, and building some lean muscle at the same time, especially for beginners training. It can show the same weight over a period of time which can mislead you to think that no progress has been achieved, when in fact the opposite may be true.

Our weight fluctuates daily and this can show on the scale also, so I don’t believe the scale is the best representation of progress. It helps to base it around other methods of analysis.

Without a doubt I analyse my progress through measuring (girth measurements, body fat/dexa scan) my body fat, and it helps keep me on track. The progress here between muscle gain and fat loss is more accurately measured.

I do however think that even though we see ourselves in the mirror daily, taking photos regularly is the best way to see the changes as they happen. I take weekly photos when I am on a cut so I can visualise where I want to be and have something to keep me on track as I continue my journey to goal.

As hesitant and embarrassed you may feel by doing this, it really is living proof of whether your food and training plan are actually working. As you see the changes (even if the scale disputes this by staying stagnant) then you can’t help but be motivated!

Personally, seeing these positive changes burns a fire for me to keep pushing in the same direction- forward!

Log your training, ensure your meal plan is spot on and take photos. You won’t regret it.

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